Welcome to Servants 4 Him’s brand new website. We think it is simpler, cleaner and easier for you to use. We’ve included necessary info like how to connect with the team or to give online. You will also find info for teams as well as some of the more minute details of our doctrinal statement and articles of incorporation.

We also will be blogging regularly here so that you can keep up with stories from the field. We don’t want a static site, but rather one that you’ll bookmark and then come back to time and again. We’ll keep the welcome mat out front and be sure to leave a light on for you.

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¡Puedo ver claro!

When a few folks from St. Peter’s Church in Purcellville, landed in Guatemala last month with boxes of reading glasses, we were excited about the potential of this new avenue of service for Servants 4 Him. You could say we were catching the “vision” for the eye clinic that we would hold in a dirt-floor living room over the next 6 days.

Practically, many of our friends in Guatemala struggle to both weave and read because of poor eyesight. In the middle of the week, one elderly woman came into the clinic and went through the eye exam. She was fitted for new reading glasses and immediately exclaimed “¡Puedo ver claro!” or “I can see clearly!” This brief 10 minute appointment greatly improved her ability to provide for her family through her weaving. She was given vision.

In this same village, lives a young 15 year old girl who carries her Bible with her wherever she goes. She, too, came into the eye clinic and was fitted for a set of reading glasses. Not just any set, but a pair of 3.0 reading glasses, the highest number we had available. This poor girl desired to read God’s Word but could only see blurry pages. Now, because of this practical ministry, she can enjoy the Psalms, read the accounts of Jesus’ life and be challenged by Paul’s epistles. She, too, was given vision.

We’d love to have you participate with this vital new S4H ministry…Pray for it, support it or be a part of it. Email us and let us know how you’d like to help!

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